Visionbit Limited Privacy Police
Before creating your account, you need to read our Terms of usage carefully and make sure, that you are ready to follow the rules of our platform:

1. In case of breaking the rules, you will get a warning or your account will be instantly banned, depending on the kind of violation.

2. On our service could be registered only people, who've already reached 18 y.o. age. People, younger the 18 y.o., aren't allowed to create an account on our platform.

3. Visionbit Limited takes care of confidence police and making sure, that deposits, made between member of the platform and our team are being hidden from general public. All information from the website is opened only for members of the Visionbit Limited . Members of platform could send a private invitation to the person that want to join the community.

4. Joining the community, you should understand, that all information from the website, personal information, communications with other members or admins of Visionbit Limited and other types of materials must be kept private. Visionbit Limited isn't general public platform, so people, having an account there, should't disseminate information.

5. You need to be liable for your funds and understand, that making deposit won't guarantee getting the same experience all the time. You invest your money on your own risk and any of Visionbit Limited members or admins aren't responsible for the result. Moreover, all information about an investment, published on the platform, is recommended to read like an advice, it has an educational matter. But it doesn't give you full certainty in it and you following everything you've read on the platform doesn't mean certain increasing of the funds.

6. Visionbit Limited platform have an opportunity to change rules, commitions and other website settings at any time, without sending a notification to all members of the community. You agree, that it's your personal responsibility to open Private Policy section and read Teams of Usage in case if you wanna know more about changes that've been made.

7. Our service isn't responsible for losing money and any damages. You agree, that you are holding a liability for your own funds and invest in your own risk. Being a member of Visionbit Limited platform, you mustn't offend other members in any ways, break the rules of the community, disrespect any national and international laws, etc.

8. Before posting a negative review on other platforms, contact an admin first. There is a huge chance, that your problem was caused by the technique reasons and could be easily fixed. Most commonly this kind of technique problems could appear during making a transaction. Our administers are open to any communication and ready to help any member anytime.

9. Spreading spam messages is strictly forbidden. Account of spamming person will be immediately banned on the platform.

10. We are moderating accounts ourselves, and we are leaving the right to decline any form of the person, wanting to become a member, without an explanation of the reasons.

If you disagree with any of the rules, please, don't go any further.

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