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Visionbit company is engaged in the implementation of blockchain technologies in the development, consumption, control and management of renewable energy sources. For the formation of a global energy self-regulating ecosystem that allows at any time to ensure the rational distribution of clean energy resources.

An important aspect of our business is the use of currently unclaimed energy for mining. Visionbit also invests in private equity and other investment programs related to the use of blockchain technologies in the energy sector that help preserve the environment.

Why is re an interest blockchain solution? Reasons explained desire project participants link modern challenges distribution, consumption of electricity. Our vision by blockchain technology is useful here.

We see our values. Our mission is letting our clients enter a better life and financial freedom. We are building some global energy system this. Visionbit uses energy don't need mining. We cooperate with private companies. Investment programs used blockchain technology. It helps preserve the environment.

Our core values are ethics, responsibility all our partners. We take care everyone offers to join us. Let our clients enter a better life.

Visionbit Limited

65 Gresham Street, London, England, EC2V 7NQ

Company number 12710656

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Goals and objectives
  • Formation of a global energy self-regulating ecosystem

  • Value of Blockchain technology.

  • Short-term return investment a growth scale.

  • An individual plan long-term scalability.

We have doomed succeed

Electricity producers, purchasers, consumers are market participants. Market participants are nodes a decentralized database, provides m information a network level without central authorization: almost instantly. Each node has complete knowledge of all transactions made market, allows it to carry out its activities transparently, more efficiently, including eliminating problem double-spending money.

Applied level blockchain technology working over stack Internet protocols gives peer-to-peer, decentralized, or P2P connections form transactions that do not require participation intermediaries. Such economic relations, as instant cash payments between market participants, served prime motive application blockchain technology in the energy industry. Thanks to the introduction of smart contract technology, transactions could be automated, allowing market participants themselves to increase economic efficiency deals related to purchase, sale electricity, first-level households, offices: thus, as raising competence in the market.

This trend provides a framework basis, broadly supports the form of blockchain technology energy industry. Many professionals, groups influence the traditional energy sector, begun considering how day it is possible to modify a centralized, monopolized network, how to introduce a modernized grid a new business model energy industry.

Today, energy blockchain projects conduct in-depth research given energy. have a resistant plan that has not only received support venture money, cryptocurrency investors, but attracted grants, multinational industry giants.

Why choose us
Data security

Website of Visionbit Limited company visionbit.biz have high level of authentication SSL Certificate. It helps to protect our customers' funds as much as possible.

24/7 support

We strive to give our clients the best possible service. Our support servise successful services is our availability 24hrs 365 days a year, to both our clients.

Analyzing risks

We take an approach by deeply analyzing risks and investing in various stages


Visionbit use manual type withdrawal. Our regulation for withdrawal - within 24 business hours.

Stable income

One of the main advantages of investment - stability. It distinguishes the project from many others. The client will have an opportunity to gain income regularly.

Intuitive interface

The interface of our website has been designed to be as easy to use as possible for our customers.

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